How do I get a tattoo appointment at the Wild At Heart tattoo shop?

Before we even start tattooing, we discuss the motif in a first appointment and set the tattoo date. For the meeting appointment, it is best to contact the tattooer of your choice directly. Click on Tattoo in order to find the portfolios and contact details of all tattoo artists at Wild At Heart Munich. In addition to that you can either write an email to tattoo@wildatheart.de, via the contact form, call us at 089/168187 or visit us at Schulstraße 36 in Munich-Neuhausen. For very small motifs we often find time spontaneously and you don’t need an appointment. In order to save you from an unnecessary journey, we advise you to call the shop in advance whether a walk-in tattoo is possible on this day or not.

What should I get tattooed at all?

You should be happy with your tattoo, therefore especially you should like the motif. We are happy to design a motif according to your ideas. Bring us drawings or photos of the desired motif for inspiration. Think about which style you want to have tattooed – see also the next question. If you want, follow our tattoo artists on Instagram: Every now and then we publish Wanna-Dos, tattoo originals drawn by us, which we would like to tattoo. Each Wanna-Do is tattooed by us only once!

What tattoo style can I get inked at Wild At Heart?

All our tattoo artists have specialized differently. Altogether our team covers the following styles: Old School, New School, Japanese, Oriental, Blackwork, Black and Grey, Neo Traditional, Portrait, Realistic, Font, Ornaments, Tribal, Graphic Style or Dotwork. Check out our work at Tattoo [Link]. But we also love completely new ideas and creative suggestions. Just ask.

Do you also do tattoo removals?

No, we don’t remove tattoos, but we can offer you a cover-up. With a creative, new design we can cover your old tattoo if you are dissatisfied with it.

How long are the waiting times for a tattoo at Wild At Heart Munich?

Since the Wild At Heart tattoo team consists of several tattoo artists, appointments are always possible at short notice. Especially smaller motifs can be realized at short notice, possibly even immediately at a walk-in. It’s best to call shortly before. Otherwise it depends on the tattooist, who may be booked weeks in advance. Just ask the tattooist of your choice or come by with your idea, then we can tell you more.

How long does a tattoo take?

The duration of a tattoo depends on size, degree of detail, body part and skin type. We can only give you a first estimate once we have completed the design. However, we usually do not tattoo for more than five hours per session. For larger designs we therefore need several sessions.

How much does a tattoo cost at Wild At Heart Munich?

The cost of a tattoo depends on the duration of the tattoo – see also the previous point. The range of the tattoo costs can therefore be large. Do you want a small star or a big painting all over your body? So a tattoo can cost between 80 Euro and even several thousand Euro. Like that the price depends on size and complexity. Come by, introduce your idea, then we can give you a first price range.

How do I care for my tattoo after tattooing?

Once or twice a day you should wash your fresh tattoo with soap and dry it with a fresh towel. Afterwards you should only apply a thin layer of wound and healing ointment to the tattoo. You can find further information under our point hygiene and care instructions.

Are your tattoo colours harmless?

We only use high quality tattoo inks that are approved under the European Tattoo REACH Regulation of 2023. Specifically, we use the colors of World Famous Limitless and I Am Ink.. We pay attention to rich colors, but also to the ingredients. According to the manufacturers mentioned, our colours are vegan, sterilised and contain no heavy metals or CMR substances (i.e. no carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances).

Do you use vegan colours?

Yes, our colours are vegan (see also the previous point). This means that in addition to the animal (product) free ingredients, no animal experiments with the colours should have been undertaken.

Do you tattoo me although I am not yet 18 years old?

For tattoos you have to be of age. Who is at least 16 years old, can be tattooed with the signed declaration of consent of a legal guardian and his identity card (for the signature comparison!).

Can I prepare for the tattoo date?

Yes, please try to be physically fit for the appointment. I.e. you should be well rested and have eaten something before. Alcohol and drugs are not a good idea before the appointment. You shouldn’t be hungover either.

Does tattooing hurt?

Yes, but the feeling of pain is very subjective and depends on the body part as well as the current well-being and the respective daily form.

Do you tattoo me an 88 or an 18 or a Hitler mustache underneath the nose?