Besen is a thoroughbred artist. He is an illustrator, photographer, musician – and for 25 years a tattoo artist, after having learned the art of the needle with Gary Winter (Positive Vibrations).

Besen is curious and open for everything. He has travelled a lot and worked in many countries as a guest tattoo artist in various tattoo shops – and he is most looking forward to challenging and creative tattoo wishes.

In 1996 Besen founded the Wild At Heart tattoo shop together with Ralf Wallner in Munich.

Besides that Besen is not only a tattoo artist, but also a gifted tattoo philosopher :-) like he has shown with co-founder and former business partner Ralf in “Das Tattoo. Ein Essay” by Annika Sehn or in the FAZ interview “Tattoos muss man sich verdienen” (“you have to earn your tattoo”) with Timo Frasch.

Besen also likes to support tattoo science, as can be seen in “Zeichen im Fleisch” (“Signs in flesh”) with Prof. Dr. Barbara Vinken in the ScienceCast of the LMU.

Take a look at Besen’s work here or on Instagram. For an appointment with Besen you can reach him by sending a message to, via the contact form or by calling 089/168187.

You can order a selection of his work as fine art prints at:
Tätowierer Besen im Tattoostudio Wild at Heart München